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  • 1995- The first annual fishing break was conceived by 6 over worked electricians  who loved to fish and since they had all gotten married and older could no longer justify the trip to the coast during spring break so they decided to make their own coast break that included something they all loved fishing and drinking beer. So they chartered a deep sea fishing boat out of deep sea headquarters. With a captain named Bill Culpepper. The trip was a huge success with sharks, kingfish and dolphin being caught to their limit by everyone. If that wasn’t enough fishing the weekend always included some heavy duty bay fishing. Fishing break founders: Keith Coons, Jason Cones, Todd Purcell, Chris Breaux, Scott Breen and Charlie Boutin.
  • 1996-1998 The party was getting bigger so we had to rent two deep sea charters to get everyone on the boats. After our first trip and all the complaints from our spouses; we had to throw all of our favorite fishing shirts away before we were allowed in the house. We decided to create our own throw away shirt hence the tradition of the t shirts. Adding to our regulars was Jeff Mosty, Doug Smith and Corey Costillo.
  • 1999-2000 We needed even a bigger boat to accommodate all the people who felt like they needed a break. So we chartered one of the big party boats and fished on! Once again in 2000 we came to another milestone as we all agreed we had caught and eaten all the king fish we could stand and the fun of watching people get sick had worn off.
  • 2001 The original six decided that we were all expert enough that we could out fish any one and made the decision to put a pot together for the biggest red fish and invite people to try and out fish us.
  • 2002-2003 The true fishing break tournaments had come of age and we were able to get some sponsors and have trophies for the winners and prizes in a raffle. We cooked sausage for the sign up and fried fish on Saturday night for all to enjoy.
  • 2004 The fishing break was out growing its home which was in the back yard of one of the organizers. Caps were also added to the t-shirts to commemorate the 10th annual event. It was the first year we had money to donate to a young girl in Dripping Springs who had a brain tumor and mounting medical bills.
  • 2005 We moved to the pavilion at the Port Aransas harbor. Over the last few years we had some great people cooking and setting up for the event but they were not getting to fish much. So in 2005 The Salt Lick joined our tournament and took a huge burden by catering our event. Also this same year Ron White said I bringing the band Carport Casanovas which was great and really added to the event. We are able through our sponsors to provide great trophies and prizes for out contestants all 300 of them and were able to donate over $5,000.00 to the Austin firefighters relief and outreach fund. Our 11th Annual Fishing Break had some great event organizers. Wesley Wright, Trey and Kelli Tucker, Todd and Connie Purcell, Ron White, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Roberts, Doug and Traci Smith. So come join the tradition of the Annual Fishing Break.
  • 2006 12th Annual Event
  • 2007 14th Annual Event
  • 2008 15th Annual Event
  • 2009 16th Annual Event
  • 2010 17th Annual Event